It is Friday before Memorial Day ... so here is a reading list!

by Wayne Ferbert on May 25th, 2012

So what do you expect from us on our blog? It is sunny and 86 degrees here. Hard to concentrate on the markets. But we’ll try.

I read the blogosphere and the WSJ this morning. A lot of things jumped out at me today. Here is a list below.

There was one that was worth talking about. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, appears to have chosen to pass on $75 million worth of dividends for his restricted stock units. Assuming the choice was Cook’s (and not forced on him by his Board), this is pretty impressive. I can guarantee you that the average CEO in America wouldn’t make that choice. I have met a handful of them. They’ll make you pay for their coffee. Passing on $75 million would never even cross their mind.

It is also impressive that Apple is paying the quarterly dividend to its employees for their restricted stock units. This is not a common HR practice in Corporate America. Apple really is not your average company. Kudos to Apple for realizing that their employees are a key to their success.

Here is the article if you didn’t see it: Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Stock Rises With Choice to Turn Down $75 Million Dividend 

A few other articles that I think are worth your reading today and over the weekend:

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Junk-Bond Funds See Whopping $2.46 Billion Outflow (Barrons)

Map: Where are homes underwater? (Big Picture)

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