Some Data to Consider for the Long-Term

by Jay Pestrichelli on January 13th, 2012

Here's an interesting read from Seeking Alpha.

2012 Investment Choices To Cope With The 'Great Contraction'

I came on it as I was doing my daily headline search for symbols that either I or clients hold. In this case, the article came up from Norfolk Southern (NSC) which I personally bought today and commented on Fox Business on Jan 9th (see the video on home page).

What I like about this article is that the four major reasons the writer uses to justify his positions are in synch with the Buy and Hedge method. Especially this one: "Do not lose money; and safety is more important that yield"

What I also found informative was the comparison of the baby boomer demographic and P/E ratios. Not sure I agree with it, but it's interesting nonetheless.

We're not in total agreement about his opinon on China or Gold, but I'm fine sharing his argument on our site as it's healthy to see both sides of the coin (maybe a gold coin, perhaps?)

What I really liked about this article is the discussion on leverage and debt, his acclaim for sticking with strong fundamentals, the inclusion of options, bias towards oil drillers vs. the big companies, and avoiding leveraged holdings.

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